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From the planning and preparation to the deployment and operation of your service provider network, we’re with you every step of the way.

We can offer as much assistance as you need, whether you want us to redesign your current network or create a next-generation service provider network from the ground up and deploy it and operate it on your behalf. Armed with peerless technical expertise and commercial connections, we deliver a smooth and seamless process throughout.


From network design workshops and documentation to project management and assistance with resourcing and upskilling, here’s how we can help.

Design workshops – Requirements definition – Validation – Proof of concept – Lab work/testing – Documentation

We provide expert assistance with every aspect of your service provider network design. We run design workshops to deep dive into your current infrastructure with your core team and work on high-level solutions that meet your identified network requirements.

As part of the design work, we ask questions and challenge you to think about your network performance in terms of the intended application, client devices, existing infrastructure and security. We then validate the design to make sure it supports your needs and performs at a high level.

We also have an InterOp lab with products from the major vendors where we can test the network with high numbers of subscribers and provide proof of concept. Finally, we can create high-level design (HLD) and low-level design (LLD) documentation to support the smooth transfer of knowledge.

Integration – Project/programme management – Installation – Resourcing

We can help with both greenfield and brownfield network deployments, although more often it’s the latter, where we integrate new technologies and features with an existing vendor or different legacy technologies.

Our comprehensive project management services include every aspect of the network deployment to ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget. That includes everything from planning and reporting to the logistics and engaging with the vendors and other stakeholders.

The installation is completed by our experienced and highly trained engineers, who deploy the network according to the agreed specifications and test components and validate the solution throughout.

Service migrations – Handover – Transfer of information – Resourcing

If you don’t have the resources or skills to operate the network in-house, we can take care of that for you. Our engineers can operate your network as a standalone service or as part of a network design and deployment.

We can handle your migration to the new part of the network or operate the network on your behalf before a staggered handover and knowledge transfer to your engineers. We can even operate the network for you indefinitely depending on your requirements.

We also offer resourcing assistance. We’ll help you find experienced network engineers to work in-house, handle any upskilling and manage the transfer of information.

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