Enable’s Approach to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

At Enable, we care deeply about reducing our environmental impact and operating in a sustainable, socially responsible manner. Our Environmental Policy outlines our philosophy and practices for promoting sustainability across our operations. We are focused on two key areas:

Energy and Emissions Reduction

Reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is a top priority for Enable. We are actively working to:

• Regularly evaluate our energy usage and identify opportunities for improved efficiency
• Encourage employees to adopt energy-saving practices in their day-to-day work
• Explore the feasibility of renewable energy options
• Promote more sustainable transportation choices for our staff

Waste Minimization

Enable is also committed to reducing the waste we generate. Our approach includes:

• Evaluating our current waste streams and pinpointing opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle
• Implementing robust recycling programs wherever possible
• Collaborating with suppliers to explore more sustainable packaging options
• Fostering a culture of waste awareness amongst our employees

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, Enable seeks out opportunities to engage with environmental groups, support sustainability education, and involve our employees in volunteer sustainability initiatives.

We recognize that sustainability is an ongoing process of continuous improvement. While we are pleased with our efforts to date, we know there is always more we can do. Enable is dedicated to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and doing our part to protect our planet for the future. Our Environmental Policy serves as our guide in this vital endeavour.

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