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Designed Specifically for Service Providers

We run a regular schedule of training days specifically designed for service providers.  These courses are free of charge for employees of service providers or companies who run their own networks. All you need to do is sign up to the course you are interested in and join us at our offices, in Newbury, for a hands-on day of learning from the experts. (Please note that at this stage we are only offering these courses in-person, not online.)


Yes, we offer seats completely free of charge for any employees of companies who run their own network. Why? Well, at Enable Network Services, we’re dedicated to offering specialized support to organisations primarily in the Service Provider network sector. Our passion is to share our industry expertise and assist those responsible for the nation’s networks in achieving optimal results through the use of best practice strategies and solutions. To benefit our sector, we provide these training days entirely free of charge, aiming to reach as many individuals as possible. While these training sessions allow us to expand our network and connect with more of you, there are no hidden agendas, catches, or strings attached – just a genuine desire to contribute to the industry’s growth and knowledge.



26th & 27th March 2024

14th & 15th May 2024

Join our intensive training day to delve into the world of Segment Routing, a technology transforming network infrastructure. Think Segment Routing is too complex? In this hands-on day, our challenge is to change your mind.  We will cover just enough theory to set the stage, then dive right into practical, easy-to-understand strategies. It’s all about leaving with handy, actionable tips for your network.  You will see how Segment Routing can be smoothly integrated into your existing setup, improving reliability, and simplifying your network with TI-LFA, optimising your current hardware, and intelligently managing traffic— all without getting bogged down in complexity. Get ready to walk away with real, actionable solutions that make a significant difference.


25th & 26th June 2024

In our interactions with customers, automation frequently emerge as a key theme. Recognising its importance, we have developed this new Fundamentals of Network Automation course. The course will delve into several pivotal technologies and tools, including; Netconf / Restconf / gRPC, YANG, Python scripts / Ansible, Templating, Basics of Git and Automated Testing for NetDevOps. We’ll also look at how Segment Routing and EVPN can deliver modern services, facilitated by SDN controllers. The course is hands on, with labs to reinforce key concepts. We’ve made sure the solutions we’re going to cover are straightforward, don’t demand deep programming skills, are compatible across various vendors, and are both practical and immediately applicable to your current network environment.


16th & 17th April 2024

16th & 17th July 2024

Very, very good content! Very clearly explained by Terry Pattinson. Lab environment provided as well to go through commands and observe various scenarios!’ – Catalin Dominte, Network Consultant, Nocsult Ltd 

Ethernet VPN (EVPN) is increasingly essential for engineers, designers, and architects who aim to enhance network efficiency and flexibility. This training is ideal for professionals with at least CCNP level skills or equivalent, particularly those with a strong foundation in BGP and MPLS. EVPN brings improved scalability, streamlined layer-2 and layer-3 service integrations, and robust redundancy options, making it invaluable in both data centre and service provider environments. Our exclusive training event offers hands-on experience and deep insights into EVPN applications. It’s tailored for those who aspire to deepen their understanding and practical skills in EVPN, preparing them to design and implement more resilient and agile network solutions.


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