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Netomnia Case study

Network Design and Hardware Recommendations

We worked with Netomnia in its early days as an alt-net startup. We provided Feka Samakuva, the Director of Networks, with network design advice and hardware recommendations that helped him create a network that could meet customer needs now and 10 years down the line.

Challenge: As an early-stage business, Netomnia had a clear idea of what it wanted to achieve. However, it wasn’t sure what network functionality it needed to deliver it to its customers in the most scalable and secure way.

Solution: We advised Netomnia to look at an e-tree rather than an end-to-end connection to create a switching fabric that could go out to lots of subscribers. That would ensure that in every case, customers would always return to the service provider network and would never be in a position where they were speaking to  each other.

We even invited Feka to our offices and created a lab so Malcolm Stewart, our technical director, could run a demo and show Feka the benefits of an e-tree structure over and above the original design they were considering.

“I knew Enable from my time with a previous internet service provider and really liked how technical and solutions focussed they are. They helped establish a full list of network requirements and explored what it was we were trying to do. They then challenged our ideas and asked questions that helped us define what was important to us, before recommending a solution that would allow us to accommodate all kinds of different customers for years to come.”

Feka Samakuva, Netomnia

Challenge: Once he had a network design, Feka wanted recommendations for hardware and the best vendors to approach, as well as assistance getting the best prices.

Solution: Feka had a vendor in mind for the hardware. However, we recommended an alternative vendor and Cassie Bezuidenhout, our sales director, used his commercial ties to get a price for the hardware that was between two and three times less. Feka took that information back to the original vendor and they significantly reduced their price.

“Fundamentally, the team at Enable are engineers, but not to the extent that they will try to sell you hardware with all the bells and whistles when you don’t necessarily need it. They really listened and understood our requirements first, before tailoring a solution that met our specific needs.

One of the real differentiators with Enable is that they always ask ‘why?’. They’re not ‘yes’ men. That helped us develop a better understanding of network design and the vendor landscape. We wouldn’t have got to where we are now without the engagement with Enable.”


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